Microsoft Forms has introduced several exciting new features in 2024, enhancing its value for users in creating, collecting, and analyzing data. These updates aim to improve user interaction, data synchronization, presentation capabilities, and overall ease of access. Here’s a detailed look at what’s new:

Key Features:

Forms Data Sync to Excel: A significant enhancement this year is the real-time syncing of form responses directly to Excel. This allows users to work on their existing spreadsheets without any interruption. With just one click, all form responses can be accessed in Excel for the web, leveraging Excel’s powerful functions to analyze and visualize data efficiently. This seamless integration simplifies the data management process, making it easier for users to stay updated with the latest responses.

Practice Mode: This new feature is beneficial for both business and educational environments. Practice mode offers responders a unique way to review, test, and reinforce information at their own pace. Users receive instant feedback after answering each question, can attempt multiple tries, and get a comprehensive recap upon finishing the practice. This mode enhances learning and retention by providing an interactive and responsive experience.

The Forms App: The introduction of the Forms app makes creating surveys and forms more accessible than ever. The app provides the same experience as the Forms website, allowing users to create forms or quizzes, choose question options from AI suggestions, and select from a variety of themes. Once a form is created, it can be quickly distributed directly from the app, although an internet connection is required. This app streamlines the form creation process, making it convenient for users to work on-the-go.

Disable the Question Number: To cater to more casual survey scenarios, such as holiday RSVPs, Microsoft Forms now allows users to disable question numbering in the settings. This feature helps create a more relaxed and informal tone for responders, eliminating the impression of filling out a formal business survey.

Google Forms to Microsoft Forms Migration: Administrators now have the capability to bulk migrate Google Forms to Microsoft Forms via the Microsoft 365 admin center. Once migrated, users can easily access their transferred forms on the Forms website. This feature simplifies the transition process for organizations moving from Google Forms to Microsoft Forms, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration.

Pre-fill Link: A forthcoming feature is the pre-fill link, which allows users to populate specific fields in a form with predefined responses. This feature is designed to streamline data entry processes, reduce user effort, and ensure consistency in responses. It is particularly useful for repetitive data entry tasks, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Reference: Collect information like a pro New Microsoft Lists forms experience in Microsoft 365

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