Here, I am sharing with you the simplest way to schedule a reminder to any email you are sending.


Simple steps to send a followup reminder

  1. To send a reminder to yourself you only have to inlcude an another email in the CC or BCC of the actual email.
  2. For example, If a person to whom you are sending an email is not answering , then you should receive an email.
  3. IN that case, you only need to include in BCC or CC of the email you are sending.
  4. That’s it, So you will receive one friendly email if there is no email from the To person.

You can use any of the following:

  • Hours
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months

But you can also write something like to bounce back on April 11. 

How cool is that.

Scenarios where we can use this

  • For emails I expect a quick response to, I’ll use 3 days
  • Unless that’s a weekend, I use Monday
  • Some things I’ll use a week, or 2 weeks – it just depends how much work the person needs to do to be able to reply to me
  • But sometimes I just use it for myself. I go on holidays soon and there are some things I can’t do until I get back, so I have a bunch of reminders scheduled to bounce back to resume email threads when I return

This can be used by professionals who go with clients and need to followup if emails from the client.

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By Sigar Dave

Technical Solutions Professional | Modern Workplace Architect Lead | Microsoft 365 | SharePoint | Power Platform | MS Teams | React

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