One Outlook
one outlook
via Richard Hay

Microsoft is working on the new “One Outlook” which will offer functionality that is identical to the all supported platforms, like windows, mac and office 365 subscriptions based version.

The application will be based on the Outlook web application that users may access in modern web browsers. Microsoft plans to replace all existing Outlook desktop programs and apps with the new version; this includes Win32 versions of Outlook, Outlook for Mac, and the Mail and Calendar applications that are exclusive Windows 10 applications.

Windows 10 users who use the Mail or Calendar application will be replaced by One Outlook eventually. Microsoft plans to put them into maintenance mode, and the last update for these clients will be a user interface update this year.

A website and setup for Windows is already available; the current version does not replicate all functionality of the desktop applications or web app of Outlook. It lacks many features including a full offline experience, and the setup program is not even signed yet. Check out the download links in WalkingCat’s tweet if you are interested in downloading the files.

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