Microsoft has announced that they are rolling out the new SharePoint news for Email Feature. This feature will convert our News posts into emails that users can read directly in their inboxes.

We can also track down the analytics related to this like, how many reads.

To create a News post for email, select a “Made for email” template from the news template picker: 

Once we are finished authoring, we can now post our news and send it fully to email in one step. 

Note: Sending a page like this in an email, will not change the existing site’s permission, or if the user does not have permission to view that page. So it is as it was.

This feature is like sending a copy of your news post page, to someone in an email. And that’s it they cannot access anything that is not available to them other than this post.

RoadMap ID: 124803

What do you need to do this be prepared for this change?

Nothing. You do not need to do anything to prepare for this update, but you may want to let your users know about this improvement.  At the time of writing this post, it is still in development phase.

Will the view counter for news include the email views?

Yes. View counters for your news articles will include also views of the news article through the email client.

Thanks for reading and happy sharepointing!!! 😊

By Sigar Dave

Technical Solutions Professional | Modern Workplace Architect Lead | Microsoft 365 | SharePoint | Power Platform | MS Teams | React

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