SharePoint spaces is a web-based, immersive platform, which lets you create and share, secure and extensible mixed reality experiences. 

Building a space is a lot like building a modern site — that is, you create the space and choose options such as structure, background, and theme. Add web parts for your 3D objects, 360° images and videos, 2D images and text, and more. 

You can build one or more SharePoint spaces on a new or existing site. We recommend using communication sites because you have more screen real estate to work with, but it is also possible to build a SharePoint space in a team site. When you create a space, you choose options such as structure and background. Then add web parts for your 3D objects, 360° images, 360° videos, 2D images, and more.

To create a space, you must first activate it at the Site level. Go to Settings / Site Information/ View All site settings / Manage site features to activate the Spaces (preview) feature:

Once this feature is enabled, you can create a space on the same level as you create a page. So Space is NOT a web part but it is a more sort of special type of page.

Manual Steps:

  1. Go to the home page of the site where you want to build a space. If you don’t already have a site you want to use, you can create a new one.
  2. Activate the spaces feature if it is not already activated:
    1. At the top left of the site, select Settings Gear shaped settings button  > Site information, and then select View all site settings.
    2. On the Site settings page, select Manage site features. Scroll down the page to Spaces, and then select Activate.

Using PnP Powershell

Enable-PnPFeature -Identity 1604b101-3328-4405-b7e0-54ce59b9d124 -Scope Web

Once the space feature is activated.

  1. On your site home page, select + New, and then select Space.
  2. Choose the type of space you’d like to create (you can change this later).
  1. Provide your space a Space name (required).
  2. Provide your space a Space description (optional).
  3. Select Create.Space name field

To get an idea about the SharePoint space, you can explore some of the samples here

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By Sigar Dave

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