Microsoft is rolling out the new SharePoint site branding options, including the new header configuration for the new modern site layouts. This make customization job a lot more easier.

Microsoft has already started rolling out this change to all the tenants, see the RoadMap.

The in your SharePoint site can contain, site logo, site title, site navigation, and some other links with follow and share.

Where to find the Header Options?

The header options are available under the Change the look settings. You can reach there by clicking on the top right corner gear icon.

Type of Header Layout

There are three types of header layouts supported at this moment.

  • Minimal Layout
  • Compact Layout
  • Standard Layout
  • Extended Layout

Minimal Layout

Minimal Layout has the reduced height to provide a quick visual access to the actual content of a page. The layout contains a small site logo, site title and other links.

Compact Layout

The compact layout has a larger height with the content on a single line similar to the minimal layout. For all the sites created after this release of this feature, this layout is going to be the default layout.

Standard Layout

The standard layout was the default layout for all SharePoint sites before this release. The standard layout uses the full-size logo and the content will be split into two lines.

Extended Layout

The extended layout is the largest layout among the all. In this layout, the content will be split into two areas.

  • Site Logo, Site Title, and background image(optional).
  • Site Navigation, and other content in the bottom area.

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