In one of the recent updates of the SharePoint Lists/ Microsoft Lists online, they have added the new feature to add the comments in each of the list item. This will let the user interact with other users for that particular list item.

This is a great feature which will be helpful to many organization and will help users to extend their collaboration. However, it’s possible that some organization may want to disable or enable the option in a programmed scheduled.

You can either enable this option to all your Microsoft 365 tenant or disable.

Microsoft is planning for future release to control this option by list or site which will help to create a certain list with this option activated or deactivated.


Once, this is installed run the below given command to get the desired result.

#To enable comments run this command
Connect-SPOService -Url 
Set-SPOTenant -CommentsOnListItemsDisabled $true

#To disable comments run this command
Connect-SPOService -Url 
Set-SPOTenant -CommentsOnListItemsDisabled $true

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